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10 Under the Counter Chicken Medicines

First off, you should bring your chicks to the Vet if you see any signs of disease as there are some problems you’ll simply need a vaccination for. However if you know what to look for and how to identify problems, this document covers some under-the-table techniques to helping your chickens out.

Chicken Hutch Plans

With dozens of chicken coop designs to choose from, it can be frustrating figuring out which would be best for you. How will you narrow down your choices from sheds to coops to Chicken Hutch plans? There is one simple, rule of thumb to follow when you first begin narrowing the options. That rule is to first decide exactly how many chickens your thinking about keeping?

Chickens For Pets

When most people hear the word pet they think of something furry, or on occasion scaly. But most people don’t imagine a chicken for a pet. I have found that chickens make great pets. They are relatively independent creatures, and fairly low maintenance as well.

Breeds of Chickens

There are hundreds of chicken breeds to choose from, whether you’re looking for a pet, eggs, or meat. Choosing a chicken for your backyard flock can seem difficult, with all of the choices in beautiful exotics, excellent egg layers, and dispositions that there are.

How To Make Sure Your Chicken Coop Plans Are Good

If you want to build a good chicken coop then you will need to find the good plans. Though some people just build a chicken coop by what they picture in their head and what feels right. I would not recommend this for a beginner or even a person who has built a chicken coop already. Its best to use coop plans that have been proven to work and it really cuts down on stress. But then of course you need to figure out what coop plan will work best for you.

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