Day 10 / The Great American Goat Migration / New Mexico

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How to Build a Brooder Box for Your Chicks

If you have been anticipating the arrival of healthy fluffy chicks, then it is time to provide them with a brooder. A brooder box is a spot that will contain the chicks and keep them warm and dry. A brooder is basically made up of walls, a bottom surface that can be placed with shavings, a brooder lamp, and a cover to prevent the chicks from soaring out.

Equip Your Coop With Chicken Laying Boxes

Chicken laying, or nesting boxes are where your hens will deposit their eggs. In the wild, hens like to have a lot of padding, and a clean, dry place to lay, so you should strive for this when constructing your boxes for your hens.

Must Know Facts About Chickens Before You Buy And Raise

Chickens are such interesting and varied birds, it is really no wonder so many people choose to keep them as pets, show them in fairs and competitions, or raise them for meat and eggs. What can chickens contribute to your life? Well get the facts and find out!

Local Chicken Laws

Local chicken laws vary by state and city. You definitely need to learn about the chicken laws in your area before you start to raise chickens. This article will tell you what you need to know about chicken laws in your area.

Free Range Hen Ark Plans

I want to talk about hen ark plans and the free range chicken exchange. I remember the old movies with a sky view looking over the prairies and seeing thousands of cattle grazing with cowboys sitting on their horses watching over them. Then in the next scene you see them driving them into town. The cowboys driving the cattle down the streets of the town, into the corrals for auction. That was exciting for me and a memory I will always remember, because that’s the way I plan for my chickens that I raise as free range chickens.

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