Day 9 / The Great American Goat Migration / Arkansas to Texas

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Basic Steps for Building a Chicken Coop

The good thing about building a chicken coop is that it is easy and relatively inexpensive to build. For a basic coop, what you will need is chicken wire, lumber, basic hand tools, wood screws, and a few other miscellaneous items. Raising chickens is an economical and ingenious way to provide for your family, you can have fresh eggs daily and meat from the chickens year round. Building a chicken coop with chicken wire is an easy task that can e completed in one day. Then you will have a place for you chickens that you can they can be proud of.

Chicken Coop Plans – Using Chicken Wire

The least talked about aspect of chicken coop plans is chicken wire. I most chicken coop plans you will see directions to put up chicken wire, tie it off, bury it, cut, it, etc. but nobody talks about what it is or how to really use it, For some reason, authors of chicken coop plans assume you know everything there is to know about the stuff and how to properly use it.

Chicken Health Problems and Cures

So why is chicken health so important? Whether your raising your flock to make a profit or just leading a self sustaining lifestyle, chicken illnesses and diseases can easily throw a wrench in the gears. When chickens are living together in a coop, in close proximity to each other there is a much higher possibility that the diseases will be transmitted quickly, and can sometimes spread to your whole flock.

Chickens for Pets?

We never thought that keeping chickens would be as easy as it really is and how attached you can become to your first batch. One day last July we stopped at our local FarmPlus store and they happened to have four Comet sex-link chickens in a cage outside the door. Our grandson was fascinated with them. At about sixteen weeks old they were very active but made no move to peck him when he put his in in the cage to pet them. They had their beaks clipped so at best they could only bump your hand. At six years old, our grandson is into just about everything and instantly wanted the chickens. We asked the price and were told since they were the last four they had, we could buy them for six dollars each. After a little discussion, the chickens were placed in a box in the car and home we went. Arriving home where our other two grandchildren were, they could not wait to see what was in the big box their little brother had brought home.

7 Critical Areas for Hen Ark Plans

In this article we will review the basics of hen ark plans. If you have been following my original articles online about hen ark plans, I have covered different aspects of building small to large sized arks. I have also covered basics like what materials are to be included in your materials list. A complete material list will be important for calculating your cost for your hen ark construction.

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