Early mornings, a big rock pile and baby goats! Watch them run and play.

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What Are The Benefits Of Building A Small Chicken Coop?

A simple summary of the main advantages of having a small chicken coop. Advantages for you as well as for the chickens.

Top 5 Backyard Chicken Breeds

Choosing the right breeds can spell success or failure in backyard chicken raising. But before jumping into choosing the breeds of your flock, you have to spell out your expectations in your new venture as a backyard chicken “farmer.” Do you want to raise chickens primarily for eggs, primarily for meat, or for both meat and eggs? Is it windy and cold or hot and sultry in your corner of the world and do you want chickens that can take it? Do you have neighbors who are sensitive to noise? Do you have a young child? Then remember these as the things you have to consider when choosing the best breeds that are best for you.

Things To Consider When Making A Chicken Coop Plan

Some practical advice to help you choose a chicken coop plan. Remember, don’t plan to fail by failing to plan.

How To Buy Chicken Coop Kits

Some things to consider before buying chicken coop kits. Tips on how to ensure a kit is suitable for your needs.

Guidelines For Making A Mobile Chicken Coop

Some suggestions and guidelines for making a mobile chicken coop. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of having one.

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