Goat Baby Pajama Rama

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Is Beekeeping for Me?

So many artificial sweeteners are loaded with chemicals that have adverse affects on the human body. Why not look to another healthier choice for sweetening purposes. Honey is the perfect sugar substitute.

How To Build A Small Chicken Coop: 4 Essentials Before You Start

If you’re an independent urban dweller, you might be attracted to the idea of raising chickens in your backyard for eggs, meat or pets. And to do that, you need an appropriate, small chicken coop for housing. Here’s 4 essential considerations before you decide on the best design.

Choosing Small Chicken Coop Plans – 3 Mistakes To Avoid!

If you are thinking about raising your own chickens, you might be looking at small chicken coop plans. Great idea! Having your own chickens in your backyard will certainly save you money in buying eggs and fertilizer and if you build yourself a chicken coop to keep them safe and warm, you’ll save even more…

A Gate Closer Can Keep Children And Pets Safe

Do you have a fenced area for your pets or children? If so, you probably have experienced that they are not always satisfied to stay within the fenced area and if a gate is left open they will be sure to find it. Now there is a simple effective gate closer that will ensure that your gate is closed completely and will prevent your pets or children from escaping.

Summer Hacking: The Perfect Riding Jacket

When looking for a horse riding coat, especially for hacking, there are many factors you will have to draft into your decision making process. Breathability and wicking properties will also be important requirements of your horse riding coat, as even summer rain can be warm, and nobody wants to feel sticky and hot whilst riding. Try and do some research into technical fabrics, and which are the most effective with best value for money.

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