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Hen Ark Plans – Building for Breeds

When it comes to hen ark plans, there are as many to choose from as there are chickens. But not just any hen ark plans will do. Each ark should be build to accommodate the breed or breeds of chickens living in them. There are so many types of chickens you could raise. Picking a set of hen ark plans according to the breed you own will take some time. I mean there are chickens that are easy to raise but they do not lay eggs very well while other chickens produce lots of eggs every day. So before you settle on a set of hen ark plans, you have to consider a lot of things about your chickens.

Why Raising Grass Fed Beef Is Preferred by Many Cattle Owners

Today, raising grass fed beef is very popular among many cattle owners. Well, this is not really surprising considering that grass fed beef is healthier and better than grain fed beef. In fact, according to a report in the Nutritional Journal, grass fed beef has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and low levels of unhealthy fats and dietary cholesterol. It also has plenty of antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Moreover, compared to grain fed beef, grass fed beef has more CLA isomers or conjugated linoleic acids which are beneficial to the body. CLA can fight cancer, prevent diabetes, prevent heart diseases, reduce body fat, improve muscle mass, lower cholesterol, increase metabolic rate, and enhance the immune system.

13 Beef Cattle Facts You Need To Know If You Are A Beef Cattle Farmer or Enthusiast

Are you a beef cattle farmer? Or maybe you are just a beef cattle enthusiast? Do you already know some important beef cattle facts?

Beef Cattle Housing – Ideal Shelter For Your Cattle

Aside from food, water, and medication, housing must also be provided to cows. A good location is vital when it comes to housing. Forage and water supply should be in close proximity. A silo is also great to have. It can keep the grains and feeds dry and mold-free. When designing beef cattle housing, however, make sure that there is enough space for behavioral thermoregulation. This means that the cows should be able to regulate their body temperature. Their housing should have separate stalls yet still spacious and well ventilated. There should be several windows with shutters. Materials such as steel, lumber, and wood can be utilized since they are cheap yet durable. Wire panels, boards, and high-tensile wires can also be used to build feedlot fences. Barbed wire is not ideal.

Things To Know Before Committing To Chicken Keeping

So many people enjoy having fresh eggs and meat for their family. Others enjoy having chickens as pets, or showing them in competitions. Whatever reason you choose to enjoy chickens, it is necessary to get the facts before you jump into chicken keeping.

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