Goats enjoy First snow!

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What to Do With Newly Hatched Chicks

If you hatched your chicks inside an incubator, it would be better if you leave them inside for a few days. They need to adjust to their new surroundings, and they need quite some time to do it.

Chicken Housing Plans – 3 Tips to Build the Right House For You

There are chicken housing plans designed to make your DIY project successful. Chicken breeders are opting to build their own chicken coops instead of buying due to the costs. If you’re looking to build your own chicken structure, here are 3 tips to help you build the right house for your needs.

Homemade Chicken Coops – There’s More to it Than Just Building Them

Due to the high cost of premade chicken houses, people are deciding to build their own homemade chicken coops. A good set of construction plans have made this project a lot easier. All you need are basic materials you can get from your local hardware store and common tools you probably already own.

Productive Way to Raise Chickens Finally Revealed! – Raise Chickens Like a Professional Farmer

Chicken coops play a critical role on the production of eggs. This is way they are so popular! They are every farmer’s paradise.

Choosing a Good Ranch Horse

My definition of a good horse may not fit the show ring model. We have different criteria. A really ugly horse looks darn good when he carries you safely through brush, along cliffs, and up and down steep canyons.

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