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Building a Chicken Tractor – Soil Preparation and Mobility Are Hallmarks of the Chicken Tractor

If you’ve got the room, and are interested in growing your own garden while raising chickens, a chicken tractor or chicken ark can be a great way to do both. Harnessing the chicken’s natural behaviors, you can use them to your advantage. By building a mobile chicken coop, your chickens will help you prepare and fertilize soil for planting.

Chook House

A chook house provides your chickens with protection from predators and the weather while giving them fresh air and sunshine to stay healthy. Building a chook house is relatively easy as long as you know what a chook is. Chook is how a chicken is referred to in Australia.

Building a Backyard Chicken Coop – Protect Your Chickens

The first time I started building a backyard chicken coop, about the only think I knew was I wanted a place the chickens could roost and lay eggs. As a kid I would visit my cousin and my uncle raised chickens in commercial chicken houses, sold the eggs and then the chickens too. But this did not however, make me an expert when I started building my own coop.

Chicken Runs – Providing Fresh Air, Sunshine and Exercise While Protecting Chickens From Predators

One of the most important parts of raising chickens is providing them with a chicken run. This is safe, typically fenced in area that they can forage and exercise out in the fresh air and sun. A properly designed chicken run will also keep them secure from many of the predators that are natural enemies of the chicken.

How to Build a Chicken Coop

The outside perimeter fence has to be thought about. This should have enough space for 8 square feet per chicken in your flock.

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