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Beef Cow Udder Attachment and Udder Scoring

I like to look for a beef cow udder that is attached high in the back, attached well forward in the front, with a level underline and small teats that point to the ground. A weak hung udder results in a lowering of the floor or underline of the udder, it may even be below the hock on some cows and this makes it hard for the calf to nurse.

Chicken Pen Plans – Essential Factors Involved in Building a Chicken Coop

People seeking chicken pen plans can easily build affordable housing that protects their poultry from predators and the elements, as well as maintains their health. Taking into consideration certain factors will result in your chickens delivering plenty of eggs.

Chicken House Building Plans – How to Choose the Right One to Use

If you’ve currently been looking at some of the chicken house building plans that are on the market, you may be wondering which one is right for you. Many people are not taking into full account which plan will suite them the best and thus they are not seeing optimal results from their efforts.

Build A Chicken House – 4 Quick Tips You Need to Remember

Building a chicken house and raising chickens is extremely rewarding. There are however a few things you need to remember before beginning the project.

Housing For Chickens – What You Need to Know

When making plans for your chicken coop you need to take into consideration more than just the way the chicken coop will look. There are other things of importance that are going to be incorporated into the plans you choose when creating housing for chickens.

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