How do baby goats scratch between their horns? With a scratching post aka tree branch, just watch!

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Facts About the Dude Ranches

You may have heard of dude ranches, but do you know what these are and how they started? The dude ranch first became popular because of the writings of Teddy Roosevelt. In the 1920s, they really took off in the American imagination.

Chicken Coop – Build it Yourself For Big Savings

What could be better than having your own small flock of chickens in your city backyard? If you are a country dweller of course you may have a large flock of chickens as a business proposition. In either case the first thing you will need is a good solid well built chicken coop. You need a chicken house that will withstand the elements and keep your chickens comfortable so that they will lay more eggs. The hen house must also be predator proof.

Raising Chickens – How to Care For Hens

People would think that raising chicken is very easy but, the truth is totally different from that because in order to breed some chicken in your backyard, there is some information that you need to know and there are some steps that you need to do in order to be able to breed them and get a good amount of meat and eggs from them. Before you start, you should learn to care for your hens.

How to Build a Chicken Coop For Laying Hens

There are several factors that you should take into your consideration when you start building your chicken coop. these factors will help you grow healthier hens with better production rate and in easier way. Choosing the right layout for your chicken coop When you surf the internet, you will find hundreds and may be thousands of chicken coop layouts that you can choose from.

Raising Chickens – Card Box Versus Chicken Brooder

The card box can be a relatively inexpensive proposition to build for the newly hatched little chicks, but is only suitable for small numbers such as about five chicks. Commercially there are several chicken brooders that are available. The essential purpose of the chick brooder is to keep the chickens warm and protected.

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