How does a cute baby goat drink water without getting her ears wet? She doesn’t! lol

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Sheep Feeding Guide

Maintaining your sheep’s condition or fat level is a matter of selecting the correct feed in the right amounts. Different breeds of sheep have different needs. Lowland breeds will tend to need more food than Highlands breeds.

Pig Feeding Guide

Feeding pigs depends a lot on how old the pigs are. If they are reproducing, the state they are in at the time is an indication of how they should be fed. Foraging pigs should be allowed to obtain some food on their own but should also be given supplements to make sure all they get the necessary nutrients.

Cattle Feeding Guide

The natural diet of cows is grass which is usually plentiful and handy because they can feed themselves. A cow can live on a grass diet but, this unsupplemented diet will not keep the cow in optimal condition because during the winter, grass lacks the feed value that cows need to be productive. Cows need adequate levels of minerals year round. To achieve an optimal year round productivity cows need to be given a supplemental diet. Hay is the best choice but there are other alternatives which can be used as well.

Chicken Coop: Learn More to Get More

Building a home requires a lot of considerations, such as its design, the kind of material to be used, how much time and money it requires to complete the whole process etc. Similar considerations are there for building a chicken coop. Some people go for building it by themselves, while some others go for buying ready-made coops for their chickens.

Looking After Chickens

Looking after chickens consists of a number of things. They need a coop to sleep in at night. This is where they will find their food and water as well as lay their eggs. They need a run outside of their coop so they can forage in the grass and weeds and catch insects. They especially need to be protected against predators.

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