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What to Expect When Raising Chickens

It is really a rewarding job to raise chickens from the time they hatch until they become mature. True, it may be hard work, but you get many benefits from doing it.

Simple Chicken Coops Anyone Can Build

The cost of buying prefab chicken coops are causing people to seek ways to build simple chicken coops. Maybe they don’t have $1000 to spend or they are just beginning raise chickens and don’t want to commit that amount of cash in the beginning.

Are You a Candidate For Prefab Chicken Coops?

The first dilemma many chicken breeders encounter is whether they should build or purchase prefab chicken coops. Building you own chicken coop can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you have limited carpentry skills.

Easy to Build Chicken Coops For the Beginner

There are many reasons people are opting for easy to build chicken coops. One reason is the cost of a premade chicken coop could be out of their budget. Another reason is that they would rather spend time raising chickens and not building chicken coops.

3 Tips For Building Chicken Houses For the First Timer

Many potential chicken breeders are thinking about building chicken houses instead of purchasing them due to the large price tag on these structures. If you never built a chicken coop, it can seem like a daunting task.

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