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The Habitat of Wild Rabbits

Rabbits are basically categorized into two – the domesticated rabbits and the wild ones. Evidently, the domesticated rabbits are those that are being raised by humans as pets and the wild ones are those that live in the forest or stay in the wild. Rabbits that fall in these two categories are actually similar but as you have noticed, domesticated rabbits usually live in a rabbit hutch where they are provided with everything that they need from their foods to their toys.

Reusing a Rabbit Cage for a New Rabbit

Rabbits are undoubtedly among the kinds of pets that are really adorable and easy to take care of. This is why there are a lot of people who consider a rabbit to become their household pet. If you have a pet rabbit, then you will be able to enjoy the benefits that almost all pet owners enjoy with their respective pets. Aside from companionship, your pet may contribute to the improvement of your overall condition, reduce stress, make you feel happy, etc.

How to Breed Fancy Rats

Young male rat pups are easy to sex, even before maturity, by the relatively long ano-genital distance. The testes should have descended into the scrotum by about three weeks of age. Hold the buck (male) in a vertical position, with its head uppermost, to be sure of spotting the testes if you are in any doubt.

Plans For A Chicken Coop – What You Should Know

Ensure that your plans for a chicken coop include these considerations. These apply no matter where you live.

Small Chicken Coops – Building Tips

Some useful tips on building your own small chicken coops. Ensure you plan well beforehand.

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