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Tips on Breeding Rabbits

When mating is desired, check the genital area of the doe. If she is ready to breed, the skin will be quite red, rather than pale pink.

Finding Free Blueprints For Chicken Coops

Most people who are interested in raising chickens for functional purposes are always looking for free drawings for chicken coops. There is an abundant supply of free chicken hutch plans, but knowing where to find these blueprints that fit your specific requirements are, difficult at times, to locate. It’s never easy to find suitable and free drawings for chicken hutches, but it is not impossible.

Methods of Identifying Livestock

Identifying livestock is an integral part of raising animals whether for a hobby or as part of a large farm operation. Having easy to read identification on animals allows producers to keep better records and aids in management. Many laws in regard to animal identification deal with interstate travel and not travel of livestock within the state.

Chicken Coop Building Plans – How To Choose One

Some help on choosing the right chicken coop building plans for you and your flock. Here are some excellent points to consider.

Building a Backyard Chicken Coop – You Need a Good Plan

There are many reasons you want to raise chickens in your backyard from self-sufficiency to having fresh meat that you know where it came from. So if you have decided to move forward with plans to raise chickens in the backyard then feel confident that it will be fun and rewarding. This is something that can save you money on eggs and meat and be fun for the entire family. Now that you have decided to raise the chickens the next thing you will need is a chicken coop. This is something that needs to be planned carefully so that your chickens will be happy, healthy, and productive.

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