Our front yard is not a bone yard despite what our farm dog thinks!

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Build Chicken Coops – The Right Way

Do you want to know how to build a chicken coop the proper way? Well, it is undoubtedly true that the interest and quest for these facilities have really increased in recent times. This is demonstrated by the various designs and styles out there.

The Best Approach For Filling Your Chicken Coop With a Productive Laying Flock of Hens

There are many ways to start an egg laying flock of chickens that can be raised in your hen houses. There are two ways to hatch your own eggs or you can buy live chickens at three different ages. With this multitude of options, which way is best? Which way will provide you with the greatest number of high quality eggs at the lowest price? Discover useful information that will help you make the best choice.

Are Pot Belly Pigs the Right Pet For You?

Pot Belly Pigs are definitely amazing pets to have, but the real question are they the right pet for you? They can be the best pet in the world, but of course without the right knowledge and training, they are can your worst nightmare, there are thousands of pot-belly pigs which are left abandoned, which are left to rot and die, just because the owner didn’t first research potbelly pigs, they are very complex animals to try to understand.

Backyard Chicken Raising – How to Start a Productive Laying Flock in Your Chicken Coop

How do you start a laying flock of chickens? Is it best to hatch your own chicken eggs or buy live birds? Should you start them in chicken coops? There are several first-rate methods for starting a laying flock of chickens, but if you want to start collecting high quality eggs as quickly as possible, there is only one option. Find valuable tips for determining the correct method for starting a prolific laying flock.

Selecting Chicken Coop Kits That Make Farming Easy

Here is some good information on building chicken coops. It gives some specific information on selecting chicken coop kits to build your chicken coop.

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