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Caring For Your Chicken’s Health

Checking the health of your chickens should be done constantly to ensure that no diseases can infect them and in order to maintain their health. The comb of the chickens should be firm. It will show signs when your chickens are starting to lay eggs, it will turn bright. A healthy chicken should also have bright beady eyes and the scales on its legs should show no signs of being infested with mites.

Your Chicken Coop Doesn’t Have to Stink

If you’re thinking about getting a few chickens for your back yard, but you’re worried that the smell of the coop will disturb your neighbors, this article will help. If it’s done right, chicken coops don’t stink, and this technique is far less work for the owners, too.

Keeping Chickens Healthy Through the Winter Months

Chickens need care all year around and if treated properly will lay beautifully for you but there are things you must do, especially in the winter months in order to keep your chickens comfortable and healthy. More bedding is a good idea in the winter months in order to keep your chickens warm in the cold winter months. Some people line their coops with cardboard to add extra insulation but make sure when doing this that you don’t compromise any ventilation in your chicken coops.

Essential Tips For Building Poultry Runs

Poultry runs are an often overlooked when it comes to building a chicken coop. This article covers the essentials for planning for a new poultry run.

Essential Tips For Planning a Simple Chicken Coop

If you are a first time chicken owner then building a coop can be a daunting task. A simple coop might be a wise choice for your first project. This article will walk you through the essential things that you need to think about when planning that first simple coop.

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