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Build a Chicken Coop – 5 Useful Tips

When considering building a chicken coop you need to make sure it is done correctly first time to avoid inconvenience at a later time. Mistakes have been made by many other chicken keepers before you and will continue to be made by others. But with some helpful advice from a good plan you will reduce the chance of you being one of them.

Tips for Building a Predator Proof Chicken Coop

Keeping chickens has become more popular of late. With more and more people wanting to be more self sustainable the number of chicken owners has grown. However it is not as simple as getting a couple of chickens and collecting the eggs.

Which Wood to Use for Building a Chicken Coop

When you envision a chicken coop what do you see? A small wood structure, surrounded by wire, and filled with chickens? Well that’s the normal way to view a coop. Most chicken coops are made out of wood. It’s a cheap substance that you can work with and allows you to make a mistake here or there.

4 Common Questions About Chicken Coop Plans

When you are thinking about the style of chicken coop you are looking for and what kind of coop that will fit your needs. Be an open minded and creative chicken ranch thinker. A great place to start a search for what you want is the internet.

The Best Way To Build a Simple Chicken Coop

Thinking of raising your own chickens? It’s a great fun thing to do and you’ll save money not having to buy eggs or fertilizer. But for me, it’s even more than that and there’s nothing that beats the feeling of the self-reliance and achievement that comes from a taste of the rural life. The great news is that you can build a simple chicken coop yourself easily, cheaply and quickly, even if you’re not exactly the world’s best do-it-yourselfer!

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