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Good Winter Chicken Care

Chickens are fun, interesting and easy to keep animals. However, your chickens need a little extra care in winter. Winter months including freezing temperatures can affect your chickens health and well being if your chicken coop is not prepared for cold weather.

Build an A-Frame Chicken Coop

Among all of the various architecture designs for chicken coops, the “A-frame” chicken coop is decidedly one of the easiest to build. As the name of this type of coop indicates, the frame is shaped like the letter “A”. It is triangular in shape. In fact it is so easy to build, that as long as you have all of the materials, it can be built in less than one day. All you need are the plywood boards, a drill or a nail gun, some nails, or screws, and a saw.

Build a Movable Chicken Coop

Why would you want to build a movable chicken coop? There are a number of advantages that you gain if you were to build a movable chicken coop as opposed to a stationary one: As a practical matter, you need to allow your chickens to constantly have access to fresh grass to graze upon, right? So if you build a movable chicken coop, then providing them this fresh grass can become a simple matter of wheeling the entire coup onto fresh ground.

Learn More About Chicken Coop Building Plans

Do you want to learn more about chicken coop building plans? There are many things to take into consideration when you are embarking on a project to build a chicken coop…

Which Breed of Chicken For My Yard?

As far as I know there are well over a hundred breeds of chicken and they are grouped into four main classes:egg layers, meat produces, ornamental and dual purpose. Some breeds of chicken make very good pets and that would be your ornamental type.

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