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Chicken Coop House – 10 Reasons Why You Should Build One Yourself

There are a lot of reasons why you should build chicken coop house yourself rather than buying one. Read the article to learn more.

Chicken Arks – Just Right For Two Hens – And You Can Build One in a Weekend

For two hens a chicken ark is perfect – not a Noah size ark but one simply built for two. If you’re starting out keeping chickens an ark is ideal – easy and quick to build with a good set of plans.

Build a Backyard Chicken Coop – Tips to Design Backyard Chicken Coops

If you are willing to raise chickens, but don’t want to live on a farm, then raising the chickens in your backyard is the best idea to cater to all your needs. The backyard chicken coop gives all the advantages of farmhouse chickens. The only condition is to set a plan and implement the plan thoroughly.

Build a Backyard Chicken Coop – 3 Essential Elements

Building a backyard chicken coop can be a fun activity and also a learning one. It is one of the best do it yourself activities adopted by a lot of people. Planning and designing the coop is not very difficult but most people make a lot of grave mistakes in the process.

How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop – Use a DIY Guide

Building chicken coop is not an easy task, but rather a challenging hassle. If you want to know how to build a chicken coop and you are novice, then you are not alone. Many people, who desire for keeping chickens, need a chicken house, but ignorant about the dos and don’ts of the chicken coop built.

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