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Building Chicken Coop – Not As Hard As You Think

If you want to build your own chicken coop in your back yard, but someone is telling you that it is impossible for you to do that. Well, just don’t listen to him. This project isn’t as tough as you think. All you need is just timber, wire mesh, and nails. Ok, I will just show you some steps on how to build a house for your chickens.

Backyard Chicken Coop For Keeping Pet Chickens and Having Nutritious Eggs

If you are fond of having fresh and nutritious organic eggs everyday, then having a backyard chicken coop is the best option. If you have a spacious backyard you can build a medium to big sized chicken house. Even if you have a small backyard you can still have a small chicken coop with 4 to 5 birds.

How to Build Chicken Coops – Chicken House and Hen House Plans and Designs

This article shows you how to find the best places for downloading hen house plans and chicken coop schematics for your farm to backyard project, and then how to build chicken coops. We will guide your through the best chicken coop plans available, and how to pick the right one so that you don’t make costly mistakes, enabling you to build chicken coops that not only you will love, but your chicken will love too.

Electric Fencing and Farmyard Poultry

As a young boy I can remember vividly my father having Rhode Island Red chickens in our backyard. We were encouraged to take care of them because they were an integral part of family life. It goes without saying that the best part of each day was collecting the newly laid eggs, So Fresh and so Tasty ! This early encounter has left me with a keenness for keeping poultry and within this article I hope to impart some of my knowledge & experiences while keeping Poultry.

The Small Chicken Coop

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are becoming interested in building chicken coops, and with new plans and designs for DIY coops becoming available in the market, you can choose specific features and create a coop that is custom made for your own personal requirements. For starters, however, it is always a better idea to make a smaller chicken coop first and then upgrade to a larger one with more chickens after they have gained some experience. Here are a few reasons why building a small chicken coop is better than a large one.

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