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Chicken Coop Design – 7 Design Tips For Building a Chicken Coop

Building a chicken coop to get fresh organic eggs is a good idea especially when the economic environment is not good. However if you want to do this project without spending a lot of money, then you will have to build it yourself. Before you start the project it is important to have a good chicken coop design that will make the birds comfortable and also make it easy to maintain.

Building a Chicken Coop – The Size Matters a Great Deal When Building Your Own Coop

Building a chicken coop has grown to become an immensely popular hobby and it’s not difficult to see why as they are fairly inexpensive to build and easy to maintain. Before building your coop, the size matters a great deal as you will find out.

Cows Eat Chicken Litter by the Ton

You know the saying, you are what you eat… eats? Well, you may be surprised to find that unless the beef you eat is organic, chances are the cow it came from consumed three tons of chicken litter a year.

Build Your Own Chicken Coop – 3 Mistakes You Must Avoid to Build a Backyard Coop

In learning to build your own chicken coop, there are many factors involved that could result in a mediocre coop. These factors can then translate to you spending more and time and money than is needed or worse, your chickens producing low quality eggs. Here are 3 mistakes you must avoid if you want to build a quality coop.

How to Make a Chicken Coop – 3 Essential Tips to Building a Better Coop

Building your own coop can be a very rewarding experience as it offers benefits such as having fresh eggs all year round. However, learning how to make a chicken coop is enough to intimidate the beginner just getting started. Here are 3 tips to helping you build a better coop.

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