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Chicken Coops – Should You Build or Buy?

You have made the decision to keep chickens. Now you need to decide whether to build or buy their home. What should you do?

Hidden Eggs – What Your Free Range Hens Aren’t Telling You

Free ranging your chickens creates many positive results such as decreasing commercial feed, healthier chickens, and decreased maintenance. However, like everything else, free ranging your chickens comes with some potential drawbacks as well. Locating hidden nests and eggs can definitely be a challenging one obstacle.

Rearing and Keeping Chickens, What You Need to Know Before You Start

Keeping chickens is a fast growing hobby that has benefits for you and your family. Chickens, if cared for properly, will provide you with fresh eggs for a number of years. Check out some of the advantages of keeping your own chickens.

The Soaring Popularity of Chicken Farms

If you are looking for ways to enter into chicken farming business then there are plenty of ways to do it, like you can become a contract grower for some other big supplier. Since poultry industry is already well set, you need to make your moves correctly. You need to start small like by selling meats and eggs to the relatives and neighbors or even your friends.

Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes – The 3 Valuable Facts About These Kind Of Containers

The reason why they’re referred to as chicken coop nesting boxes is due to the fact they are literally rows and columns of hollow squares or boxes. These boxes are meant for hens to lay their eggs inside. Chicken farmers have gained a greater understanding and new strategies for managing their company; due to the numerous improvements in style and past experiences over the years.

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