When Mamas are Away, Baby Goats Will Play!

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Will a Goat Make a Good Pet for Your Child?

Goats come in a variety of sizes and breeds. Goats can be raised on a farm setting for their milk or they can be raised on smaller areas of an acre or two as pets. Most cities prohibit the raising of goats within city limits. Here are some considerations before deciding if a goat is the right pet for your child.

Setup for Common Hen Ark Plans

What is your vision of your hen ark plans when you dream of how you want them to be? Are you a big dreamer that will include all the bells and whistles? Do think in practical terms and want what’s only needed to get the most out of your hen ark plans? Or are you one of the beginner hen ark builders and you are only looking to build a cheap hen ark that will allow you to get started with as little time and dollar investment as possible. Whichever of these you fall under that’s OK because every hen ark starts out with the same basic setup.

4 Basic Chicken Coop Plans Tips

Building a backyard chicken coop is very simple to do, but people often have to redo their work because they started off wrong. I know it is very exciting when you first make a decision to start building, but take a minute to sit back and look at it from the big picture.

Discover How Chickens Lay Eggs – It’s Fascinating

How chickens lay eggs is a very complicated and detailed process. For example, did you know that chickens will not lay more than one egg a day? With the process that goes into laying an egg, it’s amazing to think they can lay one a day at all!

4 Tips for Good Chicken Coop Plans

A good long-term chicken coop needs to be built with a good set of chicken coop plans. Usually when people decided to begin building chicken coops, they will often overlook the importance that chicken coop plans will give them by giving them step by step walkthrough of the entire building process. Only if the building is done correctly are they going to get the results they are looking for.

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