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Easy Chicken Coops – It May Be Simple Chicken Housing But Your Coop Will Stand Out From the Crowd

Would you like to know how simple it is to provide quality poultry housing? With a little help and guidance easy chicken coops are a breeze to build and you really do get an amazing finished product. There is a wealth of information available for you to access, especially in relation to chicken housing and building easy chicken coops to take advantage of.

Basics of Raising Chickens – Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of our series on the Basics of Raising Chickens. When you are trying to learn how to raise chickens, you need as much information as possible. In this section, we look at watering your birds as well as protecting them from predators.

Keeping a Backyard Chicken Flock

Raising a flock of backyard chickens is coming into style right now. If your city permits keeping a few chickens in your backyard, then why not raise a few hens? Hens aren’t very noisy, they may make some noises when laying an egg but otherwise they are very quite animals. Roosters on the other hand can be quite loud and will crow at all times of the day and night.

Easy Chicken Coops – Easy to Build DIY Chicken Coops That Will Brighten Up Your Backyard

You have made the decision to keep chickens but have a bit of a dilemma in what is going to be the best way to house them. So, would you like to know the secret in how to provide easy chicken coops? Thought you might so, having done a bit of research I discovered there are some fantastic chicken coop plans and chicken coop kits available online all at the touch of a button. Read on it gets even better.

Chook House – Building a Chook House – What You Need to Know

Has your chook house seen better days and needs yet another patching up session? You really can build something so simply yourself and before you know it you can settle your chooks into a new chook house easy as 123, no worries.

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