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Chicken Breeds You Can Use in Your Chicken Runs and Coops

In this article I will cover a little background for chickens you may be keeping in your chicken runs and coops. The origins and habits of some of the common breeds used for steady and hearty egg production will be my concentration in this article for all you new and experienced chicken ranchers.

Keeping Chickens Under Extreme Weather Situations

Chickens, especially when they’re young, are quite sensitive and vulnerable to extreme temperatures and diseases. Some baby chicks have a weak immune system and may succumb to harsh climate situations. Other breeds of chickens have a stronger immune systems which permits them to survive regardless of the extremes of climate and various diseases.

Accommodating Egg Layers: Nest Box Requirements For Backyard Chickens

These days, more and more people are looking to cut the cost of food for their family by raising chickens, which is the best way to get fresh, nutritious eggs. In addition, many people are also gearing their lives toward becoming more self-reliant and have found raising laying hens to be the ultimate first step.

City Chicken Coops – Some Factors To Consider In Your Building Plans

Key things to consider in your building plans when considering raising a flock of chickens in one or more city chicken coops. Includes information on breed considerations, coop design and protection for your chickens.

Materials Used in Chicken Runs and Coops

Chicken runs and coops can be thought of in two parts: one part the materials and design, and two the social make up and habits. I will review some material variations with some tips and recommendations for the new and seasoned chicken ranchers.

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